Zortrax M300
Zortrax M300
Zortrax M300
Zortrax M300
Zortrax M300
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Zortrax M300

The most reliable 3D printer in our assortment now has a successor. The Zortrax M300 has a very large build surface and prints with the quality and reliability you are accustomed to from Zortrax.

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Zortrax M300

After the overwhelming success of the M200, Zortrax introduces the Zortrax M300 in the fall of 2016. With this machine, Zortrax takes over the formula of reliability and precision, and put it in a machine with a build surface of 300 x 300 x 300 mm (as opposed to 200 x 200 x 180 with the Zortrax M200).

In a relatively short period of time, Zortrax has become known as a plug&play 3D printer, which might supply the best finished prints in its price category. Since the printer, the filament, and the slicer are perfectly matched, every print will turn out perfectly, and the user does not have to do much to get to this result.

Build volume

With the M300, Zortrax has increased its build volume with over 250%; the Zortrax M200 had a build volume of 7.4 litres, and the Zortrax M300 has over 27 litres (!) available. This means that the machine is ready to print even the biggest parts in 1 time, in the quality you are used to getting from Zortrax. 


The reasons that Zortrax was able to get a large market share in the past few years, are the ease of use and reliability of its products. By using high quality parts, combined with a good control, the Zortrax M300 is ready for any 3D model.

Ease of use

When the M300 is pulled out of the box, the only thing left to do is calibrating the printing bed by using the semi automatic calibration process and installing the filament. After this, you can start right away with your first test print or start printing your own models by using the Z-suite software. 

Z-Suite software

The Z-suite software by Zortrax might be the most important reason that Zortrax achieves the quality and user-friendliness it is now known for. The closed slicer is perfectly adjusted to the machine and knows exactly what settings to use with what materials. This will result in perfect prints with (if necessary) the right amount of support.


Zortrax filament

The following materials are supported by the Zortrax M300:


By enlarging the build surface of the M300, Zortrax chose to refrain from working with ABS-based filaments. This way, Zortrax can guarantee that every print comes out perfectly, even those at maximum volume. 

What's included:

• Zortrax M300 3D printer
• Zortrax M300 Side panels
• Starter kit
• Z-Suite software
• 1 roll of Z-ULTRAT filament


Zortrax M300 dimensions

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Technology:Layer Plastic Deposition (LPD)
Extruder:Single Extruder
Printing resolution:90 till 300 micron
Printing speed:-
Temperature range nozzle:max. 380 °C
Filament diameter:1.75mm
Build volume:300 x 300 x 300 mm
Heated bed:yes, till 110 °C
Connectivity:SD card (included)
Supported OS:Windows, Mac OS
Warranty:1 year

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