XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
XYZprinting 3D pen
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XYZprinting 3D pen

Are you looking for a reliable 3D Pen? The brand-new XYZ Printing 3D pen is a fantastic choice. This pen offers multiple possibilities to express your creativity. Now for sale at €69

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After many problems with 3D pens from brands such as Myriwell, 3Doodler, and a number of Chinese replicas, we kept the 3D pens out of our assortment for quite some time. However, we finally added a new, reliable model: the XYZ Printing 3D pen.

XYZ Printing is the largest 3D Printer producer in the world, which shows from this versatile 3D pen.
It is a high-quality 3D pen, and the only 3D pen in the world with a removable nozzle (the heated tip of the pen)
That is a very important addition, since it means that the 3D pen can (almost) never get clogged, an issue that almost all of the other brands have to deal with.

A high-quality product that is extensively tested by us.

The XYZ Printing 3D Pen comes standard with a little bit of filament. Therefore, we recommend our product bundle. This bundle ensures hours of drawing pleasure.




This Da Vinci 3D Pen is suitable for:

The Da Vinci 3D is very suitable for starting enthusiasts, consumers, and amateurs, and everyone who wants to create creative and beautiful things. This pen is also very suitable for schools and elementary schools.

And it is also a great gift for creative youngsters and adults!




Do you have any questions about this pen?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via + 31 (0)74 700 2101 , we are happy to help you!

We offer full warranty and support.


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