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Buy filament

3D Ninja is not only one of the cheapest suppliers of filaments, we also deliver the best quality.
We only sell premium filament, which helps you to get the most out of your 3D printer.

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Want to buy filament? What is the difference between the different types of filaments?

Are you looking for filament for your 3D printer, but are you unsure of what kind of filament you need?
For every category, we have made a short description of the different filaments.

PLAF Filament

PLA is the 3D printer filament that is used most often.
The organic composition of this filament makes it odour-free during printing.
PLA is the most user friendly filament with a very low risk of problems compared to other filaments.
PLA filament is (in a few years) biodegradable.
PLA filament can be printed without a heated bed.

ABS Filament

ABS filament is an industrial plastic.
It is much stronger than PLA filament, car dashboards, bumpers, and also LEGO pieces are made of ABS.
ABS filament is very susceptible to changes in temperature and it is necessary to print it with a heated bed.

Polymaker filament

Polymaker is one of our favourite brands.
Thanks to a large research and development team and the use of materials of the highest quality, 3D printer users regard this brand as the absolute best.
Polymaker has a number of special filaments, including Polymax (20% stronger than ABS) Polywood (wood filament) and Polyflex (flexible filament which can even be printed with most bowden style extruder printers)
Very premium filament that visibly improves the printing quality of your 3D prints.

PETG filament

PETG is kind of the middle road between PLA and ABS filament.
The filament is stronger than PLA and ABS and has the printing properties of PLA, which means that it can be printed without a heated bed.
Transparant returnable bottles are made from PETG.

Nylon filament

Nylon filament is very hard to print, the material attracts water, and before printing, the filament should be heated in an over for a couple of hours.
The material is very susceptible to changes in temperature, and if the 3D printer is not adjusted in the right way, the chance of warping increases.


Ninjaflex is 1 of the best known flexible filaments.
Ninjaflex is very flexible, but this also makes it very difficult to print, and a direct drive extruder is necessary (a direct drive extruder pulls the filament into the print head, which is the opposite of a bowden extruder, that presses the filament towards the print head)
While printing Ninjaflex, turning off retraction can be recommended.
Would you like to print with flexible filament, but does this pose any problems? Please check out the flex filament by Polymaker.
This filament is a bit stiffer and works with most bowden style extruder printers.

Zortrax filament

This is the filament range of the brand Zortrax.
These filaments are used on the Zortrax M200 and Zortrax Inventure.
The Zortrax filament is not suitable for other 3D printers, and Zortrax also does not have a PLA range.

Da Vinci filament

The filament range for the printers of XYZ printing.
Please note: the Da Vinci Junior uses its own sub category filaments, which are a little bit cheaper than the regular Da Vinci cartridges, that are suitable for the Da Vinci 1.0 and Da Vinci 2.0.
The Da Vinci 1.0 Pro has an open filament system, which means that you can also use this model to print with other filament brands.

CEL Robox smartreel filament

Our own filament range of CEL, only suitable for the CEL Robox.